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Application Maintenance & Development Services

Alchemydea is backed by a team of skillful and dedicated experts that help our clients get vigilant and reliable post-delivery app maintenance. Our app Maintenance experts intertwine industry standards-based processes and proven methodologies with most modern, agile and DevOps mind. Your mobile apps (iOS, Android) need to be functioning fast and bug-free because it not only affects your business but your reputation as well. With us, be care-free and enjoy seamless business operations.

App Maintenance Services:

UI/UX Enhancement

Mobile application developed at Alchemydea is consumer-centric. Our developer team follows the best practices in UI/UX designs. However, evolving technology and changing user patterns calls for new features to be added. Our expert developers are well-versed in enhancing the UI/UX of any app developed by us.

Bug Tracking, Debugging and Fixing

At Alchemydea, our app maintenance services entail tracking any bug that is slowing the working of your app or forcing any aspect of the app to not work, debug and fix the app to work flawlessly again. Our team of experts, bearing years of experience, know exactly what is wrong and where, and with their magic wand, they fix every aspect of the app proficiently.

Cross Platform Apps to Native Platform Apps

We are proficient in maintaining all sorts of apps i.e. native platforms apps as well as cross-platform apps. Our vast experience enables us to deliver the best results in least possible time. We ensure that your apps work faultlessly with our excellent maintenance services.

Fine-Tuning Of Performance

Expert developers at Alchemydea ensure that your app works without any fault or bugs and provide a seamless experience to the customer. We understand that your app represents your business and is imperative that your app works flawlessly to ensure maximum customer retention. With our maintenance services, we guarantee you exceeded performance and outcomes.

Optimizing Server Performance

We optimize server performance through deploying certain IT methods to increase the efficiency of server processes such as the consolidation of physical hardware within a center data. We monitor, diagnose and optimize so that your entire environment works efficiently.

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