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Teach for as long as you can!

Go Mentor is designed to lift urban students with availability of mentors over the web. This app allows mentors from all across the world to work and provide mentorship to any student that requires it. This makes the entire teacher-finding regime extremely easy and just a click away. It is very beneficial for students for they can search for their suited mentors and appoint them. With this app, you don’t have to keep looking for mentors but download the app and search for your required niche. Searching for a credible mentor has become very easy with Alchemydea’s GoMentor app.

The idea originated when a lot of students failed their tests in Michigan, USA. Upon inquiring, the school found that the students were in need of a mentor but couldn’t find. That’s when the idea of Go Mentor came to our client who came to us with this idea. We then finetuned the idea into a workable app that is now changing lives. This app presents a unique blend of different types of mentoring accessible for people all across the world.

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