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Get Thinspired!

Losing weight can be a rather difficult challenge but in this age of interactive mobile apps and nerve-wrecking games, is anything really difficult? Dietbet is a social-dieting game app that is designed, by AlchemyDea, solely for the purpose to lose weight and be health again!

The game allows you to choose the right level for yourself from three levels given that are: lose a little, lose a lot and hold stead. This game app fulfils dual purpose: makes you fit and also, entertains you so that you don’t get bored. This is an excellent app for people who don’t like hitting the gym more often but also, looking to shed a few pounds.

This app was created to help those who were suffering from different illnesses as a result of their obesity. The app looks to foster an environment where everyone likes to work out without getting bored or tired. The sole purpose of developing such an app was to ensure that exercise regime becomes a lot more fun and interesting. Losing weight has become a lot easier and fun. AlchemyDea has developed this app for people to be able to interact and socialize alongside losing weight.

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